C.N.C. 3D routing. Ingate C.N.C Patterns has the ability to produce complex and detailed work meeting exacting tolerances, working from cad files, engineering drawings, sketches, mock-ups or existing samples.  

 CNC cut production pattern. Hard sand production pattern cut directly onto cope and drag plates. Precision cutting of intricate and complex shapes. Ingate C.N.C Patterns Ltd can help you with your next project.                

Traditional patternmaking. Trade skills and experience from years of working in the industry. Ingate C.N.C Patterns Ltd provide clients a professional yet personal approach to any project, from small individual components to large project work.                       

 "Traditional patternmaking with modern techniques"

            CAD/CAM Software and Machinery

        Over 30 years of Engineering Patternmaking experience!

Specialists in Hard sand and Green sand foundry patterns and coreboxes.

We offer:

  • Foundry patterns and coreboxes. 
  • CNC 3D routing.
  • Profile cutting including lettering.
  • Models and prototypes. 
  • Product design and development.
  • Wood, resin, fibreglass and aluminium tools.
  • Vacuum forming tools.
  • Rotational plugs and moulds.

We pride ourselves on having excellent trade knowledge and experience in all key technical areas.

Servicing industry through out New Zealand and Australia